When placing an order, there are important details that we need to know. Below are the most important ones, so we can be prepared for your needs.

Pick Up information:
We will need to know the location where to make the pick up, any contact person or after-hours contact. If there is flexibility of hours or day, please advise, so we may take that into consideration when pricing.
Delivery Information: We will need to know the delivery destination, when you need the delivery to arrive or when could it arrive, this may be very important in pricing, should there be flexibility on arrival. Any contact person and phone numbers, as well as an after-hours contact if needed.
Load / Shipment information: Number of pieces, Commodity or type of goods, weight, lengths, width of material or bundle. If you know the vehicle type you will be needing, please indicate. Does it require tarping?
Availability of Load: When is the load ready for pickup? We do not provide forklifts with trucks. If there are special requirements such a straps, please indicate. If the shipment is time sensitive or temperature sensitive, please advise.
Availability of Dropping off load: Please tell us the hours or time that the load need to arrive by. This will help us plan and lessen any additional freight charges such as waiting time. If the destination point uses appointments, please advise.

Candela Transport Delivery Ticket


Click on image above to open a Candela Delivery Ticket.

A Fill-a-ble pdf Form will pop up.

Complete the form.

Print out 2 Forms, 1- For your records and 1 to go with the Shipment.

You may also send the form to the pickup location if the shipment is not with you.

DO SEND Candela Transport a Copy of the Delivery Ticket by E-Mail or Fax.

Alternatively you may phone in the order by giving us a call 24/7.

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Dallas, TX 75261

Phone: (817) 886-0750
Fax. (682) 224-8549