Are people across the US Landscape. They are amongst the Nation’s largest and most productive Companies. They are also Start ups, Administrators, Artists, Data Centers, Farmers, Banks, Drillers and Driller Assist Companies, Service Companies, Contractors, Suppliers, Business Owners, Individuals, Large and Small Construction Companies, Multinational Companies, Conglomerates, Third Party Purchasers, Manufacturers, Doctors, Architects, Warehouse and Distribution Centers, Transportation Companies in other Cities  and a Multitude of other Business types.

They are people that Shape the Landscape, change our world, pull our economy forward. They provide unique solutions, and irreplaceable products. They meet deadlines and goals. They are you and me. They are in Business, in the Markets, always on the move.

They are first time transportation users as well as experienced businesses. They are people with little time to put their own assets on the road, or otherwise unable to use unavailable men and vehicles.

They are people who are short a truck or short a driver, they are people in situations where sometimes Product, Time, Costs and Service to their clients are paramount and of the essence.

At Candela Transport we are proud of each and every one of you who are responsible for results and are charged with finding solutions on short notice. That is what Candela Transport is all about. We take great pride in service. Think of us as an extension of your operation that cares as much about your products and goods, as you do.


We are a small company that is growing, and what that means is that we will listen to your needs and tailor or service to the best of our ability. Ultimately, your concerns are our concerns, and weather you are a return customer or a one-time customer, we will work just as hard to meet your needs.

Our clients are companies in the following Industries:

Aerospace & Defense
Construction Companies
Environmental Treatments
Financial Institutions
Fine Arts & Entertainment
Government & Municipalities
Health Care, Biotech & Pharma
Industrial, Electrical, Suppliers
Legal Professionals
Logistics Companies
Machinery Equipment
Mortgage & Title Companies
Oil & Gas Exploration, Suppliers & and Servicers
Publishers & Paper Mills
Transportation, General Shipping
Travel & Leisure
Utilities & Energy
Wholesalers & Retailers


That is why our services are designed with you in mind. We are proud to serve our clients with a deep passion in overseeing and assisting you and your company in getting your critical and very important goods safely and quickly to the hands of your end consumers, sub-contractors, warehouses and affiliates. This in-turn provides us with great pride in knowing that your needs were met by us. We are proud of the great companies which put out important and high quality products, here in the US, and abroad.

How much is your time worth? When you decide that sending your assets and personnel on a run does not make sense - we are here to assist you in making the most of your precious time and resources. Give us a call to see how we can help you lower your expenses in transporting your goods.

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Phone: (817) 886-0750
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